The companies cannot run and cannot achieve their wanted goals and objectives without motivating its employees. To create a successful business, your employees must feel valued. The main goal of this research work was to find out the influence of motivation on employee performance and job satisfaction. Because One of the most effective ways of achieving goals is motivating employees through various types of incentives. Motivation is the reason that drives all of our actions. An individual expects that if they behave a certain way or perform certain tasks, they will achieve their desired outcome and improve employee performance.

motivation plays prominent role in successful business

An important factor for companies

Motivation is the most important factor for all the company’s private or public zone. pay attention to motivation issues improves employee performance. In a small business, you have more opportunities to motivate your employees.

When your employee is motivated by monetary and non-monetary incentives, they do feel more empowered to do their jobs at a consistently high level and improve performances. So the motivation helps them to feel like they are a valued and important part of your company. It equates to increased employee performance and happiness. Your small business should point an employee to support success and get motivated his/her.

When employees have no motivation, they will do their minimal best, just so they can get through the workday. This person is content to let others take the bulk of the work. This person becomes easily distracted by non-work activities, such as talking on the phone or surfing the internet. One of the key issues for business managers who have an employee like this is the extra stress this puts on the other team members. So the issue of this problem declines employee performance.

motivation plays prominent role in successful business

Customer service is effected by employees’ motivation

Customer service experiences when employees have no motivation. If the employee doesn’t care about being at work, he certainly doesn’t care about the company vision or the success of the company. This person is not about to go the extra step to help a customer. This is common on sales floors where an unmotivated representative doesn’t even approach a customer to ask if she needs help. Lack of motivation also shows itself in customer service calls when a customer has a problem. The unambitious employee is less likely to seek a happy resolution if doing so requires extra time or effort. Instead, the employee will be content to tell the customer, “Sorry, that’s just how it works,”. Then the employee lets the customer hang up, still frustrated.

A not motivating employee doesn’t seem to care if he has a job or not. This employee doesn’t excuse for being late and he doesn’t seem to take into work with any level of positivism. If he/she does take on additional capacity, he often complains about having “more work to do.”

Also, the employees spend at least one-third of our lives at work. Managers looking for an edge must design exciting work that means, and connect their employees’ work to meaning–to allow every employee to touch the mission, no focus on how small the task. As a manager at every level of the company, it should be your job to help your employees find that goal because of this, care issues improve employee performance.

Conclusion Motivation is very vital to employees and one of the most important responsibilities that managers perform in their companies. If you consistently motivate the employees, then you can be sure to reap in a big way. The employees have to think of ways that are favorable to motivate the workers in the workplace. Your employees are your single most important cause of growth potential and innovation so this subject affects employee performance. Managers need to realize that keeping their staff motivated is what will give them the advantage on their competition. By creating a company culture that is training and inspiring, you are getting the most out of your employees.

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