Working as an employee in the company or being your boss is a choice, you can choose a career in someone else’s company or you choose to create your own business. Being an employee and being your boss has the same value, that is you have to work hard.

Taking steps to decide to be your boss means that you are ready to accept all the pros and cons of the business that you manage. You must be able to work independently, be prepared to accept all the consequences of your business, and must take full responsibility for running your business, including managing your business independently.

Being your boss must work hard to increase business profits, must bear all the risks and losses to your business, must give the time and energy spent as long as possible to realize your goals.
But being your boss means that no employer other than you is responsible for determining everything in your business, responsible for working hours, decisions, targets, salaries and working hours that fit your needs.

What are the pros and cons of being your boss? The pros and cons of being your boss will be summarized below:


About PROS

1. The main decision is yours.

As your boss, then the main decision is yours to manage the business. There is no intervention from others, they cannot interfere with your decision, there is no vote or meeting to decide what is best to run in your business, remember your boss.

You can make your business strategy without having to wait for other people’s decisions, different when you work with employers, the decision is entirely in the hands of employers, you only as a worker.

2. Salary in your hand.

If you have worked with employers in the past, you give all your time and energy to the employer. All decisions are in the hands of the employer, you are paid and hired as needed by the employer.

But if you become your boss, no one else intervenes to judge your performance and the results of the business that is entirely yours. For salaries, there are no limited wages, unlike wages that are limited by employers. The decision is entirely yours, the profit at the end of your month can determine how much salary for you.

3. You set your working hours.

Working with an employer means that you must be prepared to work according to the rules given, work 40 hours a week, and have been added over time. Of course, you want to work flexible hours, are not regulated by the employer and there are no workplace penalties.

Being your boss, you can set your work hours, you can work 5 hours a day, or according to your job needs, and there is no warning or salary deduction for the work hours that you specify, remember you are your boss.

4. The full responsibility is yours

You can feel the difference when working with fellow employees in the company or when you become your boss in starting your business. You are the captain and your business is a ship, the ship is entirely under your responsibility.

Being your boss makes you a very important person in your business because the success of your business is on your shoulders and no one blames your decision to manage your own business.

5. Nobody can fire you.

When you work as an employee in a company, you must obey the rules that apply to the company. You must work hard for the company, and if you commit a violation, you must be prepared to accept the risk of the company to fire you.

It’s different if you become your boss, like what you work in your own business, no one can fire you. There are no rules set by others for you to obey.


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1. The risk is in your hands

Being your boss does not mean you can directly achieve success in business, to start you have to work hard even work harder than the time you worked as an employee in the company.

Nothing is easy and free, all have risks. When you have chosen to be your boss, you must know that your decision to run a business is entirely in your hands. If your business has not succeeded, you cannot protest others, it’s your risk.

2. Profit and loss.

When you work as an employee in a company, you have a stable salary from the company where you work. Unlike when you become your boss, you have to take risks and be willing to sacrifice a stable salary to start a business.

Start a business that you have predicted profit and ready to overcome if the benefits are less than the cost you incur. You must be good at managing a business, of course, you want to have a large income, and have a salary for your business.

3. You have to work hard

Stepping into your boss is you are ready to work hard to start your business. Nobody else will work hard to get started, you must remember.
The disadvantage of being your boss is that most of the work you have to do than the person you are hiring.

You also have to do simple work for the benefit of your business, work extra day and night to manage the business that you manage. Start creating client networks, building portfolios, and other needs.


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Realizing the dream of being your boss is an extraordinary step, of course, not everyone can try to do it, there must be someone in their safety zone. being your boss or being a career employee at a company is a choice you can’t forbid.

You must remember that being your boss has pros and cons that you must manage properly, anticipate all the losses and risks of losing your business, and manage all the potential that makes your business extraordinary. everything is in your own hands.

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