From the equality of rights springs identity of our highest interests; you cannot subvert your neighbour’s rights without striking a dangerous blow at your own.

-Carl Schurz

In a company, rights and obligations are important points given to all employees. In addition to providing a decent wage, of course, companies must encourage an equal work environment for everyone. Developing companies certainly must pay more attention to the needs of employees in the workplace, provide points and rewards for each employee, support employee performance for the better, and encourage new employees to work seriously.

Companies must eliminate subjective assessments that say A is better than B because A is a graduate of the best tertiary institution, and B is an ordinary college graduate, simply promote the A and we don’t need to test both. Or this type of work belongs to Men, women are not entitled to this position.

Subjective assessments at work naturally reduce company performance and create negative ecosystems at work, so that it becomes a culture that cannot be eliminated. Companies must be able to provide equal opportunities for employees by providing opportunities to achieve their chosen positions and be able to work better.

Promoting equality in the workplace is a company’s progressive step to improve employee performance and company quality. Equality in the workplace for male and female employees, employees of different races, employees of different ages, and different educational backgrounds must be provided to encourage equal opportunities to work better.

Several steps must be considered to create equality in the workplace for employees and improve the performance expected by each company. These steps can be achieved by considering several things:

Equal opportunity

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The first step you take is to create principles without discrimination at work, the company encourages and discusses opportunities by managing a workplace that is fair to all employees and eliminates discrimination at work.

Limiting opportunities for every employee and discrimination can reduce company performance. You must think about how the work environment in your company can be accepted and enjoyed by all employees. This can be done by considering the following steps:

  • Provide fair incentives for each employee.
  • Providing access to job training to improve employee skills in the company.
  • Fair employment contract.
  • Eliminating social boundaries in the workplace regardless of social origin, ethnicity, and disability.

Gender equality in the workplace

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Gender equality in the workplace is to remove restrictions on work for men and women, provide equal opportunities, be fair, and not reduce their rights and opportunities at work.

Create a productive work environment and eliminate negative stereotypes to female employees, by removing restrictions on work, restrictions leadership, restrictions salary, and restrictions promotion at work.

A positive and fair mindset must be built at work, reducing negative understanding like “she is a woman, I don’t want to be ruled by a woman even though she is my boss”, and “female employees must be paid less than me”, or “hey, she’s a woman, this job doesn’t suit you, you only work as a cashier “.

Companies must take progressive steps to create gender equality in the workplace and improve the quality of work that is equal for all employees, by supporting the promotion of equality in the workplace for men and women can make a fair contribution to the company, and improve the company. Creating equality in the workplace based on gender can consider several things:

  • Promote the importance of gender equality in the workplace.
  • Provide opportunities for female and male employees to choose and develop their abilities at work without restrictions and pressures.
  • Give the same salary.
  • Give maternity leave, maternity benefits.
  • Provide support services and facilities in the workplace, such as room for nursing mothers and counselling.
  • Prohibit discriminatory dismissal or salary reduction due to pregnant employees.

Fair policies at work

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Fair company policies can improve the performance of employees and enhance the company’s achievements. Your company certainly does not want to have legal problems with employees because of company policies that conflict with labour laws.

For example, there is no maternity leave for employees who are pregnant or an employee is moved to a position that is not suitable because of the wishes of the company manager. You must review the policies in the company so that they do not conflict with the applicable legal rules in your country.

Making policies that can be accepted by every employee will give a positive value in the company, such as:

  • Provide additional incentives for overtime.
  • Support and promote employees who excel.
  • Implement positive labour rules from the government employment law.
  • Does not determine salary, benefits, and working hours by gender.
  • Job placement by applicable regulations.
  • Provide opportunities and fair promotion for all employees.

Creating an appreciative work environment

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The company certainly does not want to lose the enthusiasm of the employees who excel for the company. Leaving them to work without support or appreciation for the performance of each employee will make them like a machine that only works for 8 hours a day, and the worst possibility is that you lose employees who are loyal to the company.

In addition to providing equal and fair opportunities, creating a positive and appreciative work environment for each employee is an important step, employees are also given the right and opportunity to learn, improve workplace skills and are given space to convey ideas and criticisms that are important to the company’s progress.

Employees naturally have positive assessments related to the work they do and an assessment of the workplace environment. Providing appreciation and opportunities for each employee to convey their ideas make every employee feel a share in the company’s progress.


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Moreover, every employee must comply with company regulations and work optimally to improve company performance. Working poorly can be a risk for every employee to be laid off by the company, and the company has the right to promote every employee who is considered to have achievements and is loyal to the company.

Companies that provide opportunities and equality at work can encourage all employees to work fairly and work enthusiastically. They have the same opportunities as they deserve, job promotion, job placement, job training, and other opportunities.

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