In countless ways, teams and workplaces are been shaped by managers. The leadership and administrative role are been played by managers in which they need a distinct set of skills to be productive.

Being a manager is quite demanding, only those that are willing to go the extra mile to achieve greatness shall only attain greatness. Decision making through the use of valid information proffers the managers resourcefulness.

In organisations today, managers are expected to provide high-level strategies and goals into working plans that drive the business. they are the frontiers of any organization when it comes to massive and effective productivity of the organization finances. A good manager is the essential need of every organization.

What are the qualities that set an average manager from a great manager?

This article aims to detail 15 qualities it takes to be a great manager, in which a lot of factors are being considered because it only takes extra effort in making an ordinary effort to be an extraordinary effort; With these 15 qualities, a manager stands a chance to be great.

1. Vision Driven 

One of the essentials in becoming a great manager is to be vision-driven, i.e he or she is able to see what’s positive for the company or enterprise in the future and also map out plans to avoid negative circumstances in future occurrences. Having a vision is one thing, Another thing is How is it conveyed.

Whenever a manager is vision-driven and is able to convey the vision to other(employees, investors, e.t.c) and propose a clear way of thinking in which everyone can be oriented by it.

2. Autonomosity and Responsibility

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Decision making is important and critical most times, but It only takes a great manager to tackle decisions. A great manager must be competent to take responsibility for those decisions made, be it good or bad.

A great manager develops and prioritizes the autonomy of is employees, empowering them all throughout their working hours. For a manager to be autonomous, it means being prepared for whatever responsibility, and also being able to tackle issues with firm decisions when alone and accepting each consequence of every decision.

3. Leadership

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A lot of factors are been considered when Leadership discussion is been mentioned but here, leadership will be discussed on how it is been applied as an essential of being a great manager.

Great managers are meant to be leaders in which they keep good track of the company goal, give decisive directives, tackles obstacles when needed and be an example to his or her employees. All these qualities detailed above are not accomplished easily, a manager as to face and overcome difficulties on your so as to overcome difficulties on a larger scale.

Being the leader as a great manager is not bad, but a leader without direction or who is unable to solve conflicts or refuses to see reality as it is or can’t bear critics and won’t take responsibility for his or her actions. That manager is far from being a great manager.

4. Taking the Bull by Its Horn

Literally, taking the bulls by the horn simply implies taking the right decisions at the right time. Taking the bull means making the right decisions because that’s an essential value of a great manager.

The bull is strong and powerful when it comes to other domesticated animals, it simply implies that for every great manager there is going to be some critical situations that need urgent decisions which are also seen as making the right decision and saying no to procrastination in such way.

While the horn means time because taking the bull by its tail, or legs is a lost course same as making the right decision at the wrong time. Making the right decision at the right time is an essential part of which manager is to become a great manager. Remember making the best decision at the right time is key, but doing it late is bad as making the wrong decision.

5. Courageous

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Being courageous is one of the essentials of a great manager, in which for managers who must face problems or to see things as they are and also be responsible for their decisions. Understanding things for what they are mean stating that which needs to be said at the right time to the right person in the correct way.

When facing problems on which they are essentially equivalent to making sure that one is looking at actuality no matter how harsh it may be then administering it with the team in order to tackle it collectively.

Courageous managers are able to manage the perturbations including the hesitation and ambiguity that comes along with it. They make more right decisions than wrong decisiveness even when based on inadequate information in the least time possible with few answers on which to base their thought.

6. Solution-Oriented

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A manager has to be solution-oriented in order to become a great manger on to which positive actions must be taken always towards every arising issues.

In the world today, reluctant companies are quickly pushed aside by those who hurl forward and have managers who act with goals in thought. Also, those who stutter generally do so because of perfectionism and procrastination in which they only end in delays of action that needs to be taken quickly at that instance.

7. Humility and Vulnerability

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‘The smells of courage and the tastes of truthfulness birth Vulnerability.’

Being a manager, vulnerability sets in when you are being courageous, as detailed earlier being a courageous manager is the Keystone in becoming a great manager.

Humility makes a great manager recognize mistakes and downfalls without excuses in as much in putting others at ease or encouraging and respecting the different point of view also, knowing how to build your employee strengths and surrounding yourself with folks who are better than yourself, through this you on the path on becoming a great manager.


Moreover, great managers are achievers who tend to thrive in whatsoever field they find themselves as long as they abide by the above essentials.

These essentials are basics of becoming a great manager because the basics essentials are what a manager needs then he or she keeps on applying these essentials consistently, in a short while the result will begin to show forth.

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