Take it or leave it, management is one of the responsibilities of life, and for humans, it’s an experience one must have in life. For a manager or an entrepreneur to manage the following values like knowing how to Plan, Control, Lead and Organize has to be in check. In recent times, these values have been broken down into smaller means like vision-driven, tenacity, commitment and soon.

Sincerely, effective management for managers hasn’t been easy, because managing people is one of the hardest things on earth. Just as Richard Branson said, “if you can run one business, you can run all well.”. For managers, inconsistency to your service-level agreement (SLA) will only make your business have a damaging long term effect on the productivity and success of the company.

In management, as a manager being effective requires more than encouraging your employees to work harder, but requires more than you could imagine. In most cases where a company growth is stagnant, this can only result in the absence of effectiveness in that working environment.

In this article, ways in which a manager or an entrepreneur could be effective with the company or it could also be seen as ways to improve the company productivity would be discussed as followed:

1. Consistency

To find a balance in your company as a manager or entrepreneur, you must not deviate from the norms of the company policy and never procrastinate any issue that needs to be treated urgently. I suggest you leverage on different tools and practices that encouraged a sense of agency among your employees and enhance the employees working culture.

2. Stay Focused

The success of an effective company depends on how a manager communicates with is employees. Whenever a board meeting is going on; you as a manager should strive for clarity, thoroughness and accuracy of all communications during the meeting. It goes further when the form of these meetings or when crucial decisions about the companies are about to be made varies, try to avoid miscommunication at all cost and also keep your employees up to date.

3. Goal-Driven

Eating is important likewise setting short or long term Goal is necessary and important as well. Why? because for any company to be effective in what it does, it as to be goal-driven always.

Majority of the top leading companies in the world today have maintained the status because they have always been driven by goals, not just only goals, sustainable ones. The essential reason why companies need to be goal-driven is that it helps them to keep track of the company progress in aspects like what has been done and what needs to be done as far as the company growth is concerned.

4. Retreat

Most companies aren’t used to this aspect, why? because they don’t seem to fit into the ideology that’s behind the business retreat.

An annual business retreat is a year meeting a company has annually(yearly), while some do it monthly. This helps the company to influence positive change within the employees and the company at large, also enhances the company’s culture by building a better plan for the year. In this way, the company is been effective in such a way that the productivity of the company is at a high rate.

5. Transparency

As a manager, this aspect makes you earn the trust of your employees and it is one of the most important value in becoming an effective manager. Transparency will help your employees clear their doubts against you whenever they are been given a task and also, it will help them be free to approach you whenever they stuck in one situation that might favour the company in one way or the other. But when there is no transparency in a company, then the company begins to fall into one economic situation or the other.

At all time, Managers ought to be available to their employees through one means or the other. This would help the company grow whenever there is a high priority project or issue that needs to be treated as urgent.


6. Gamification

As discussed in the previous post, Gamification is a tool that is giving a new direction to businesses for achieving their goals. it creates a great impact on the businesses and this the reason why most of the big companies are using gamification in their companies to improve company performance. But the problem is that some small companies are not aware of it.

According to 65% of employees, gamification is a great way to build loyalty. But this doesn’t mean that you need a big budget to implement it in your company. There are various platforms available on the internet that will help you to do this. Even we at Old Robo also provide this service at an affordable price.

7. Data-Driven

When a company is data-driven, data analysis and interpretation are been made through important decisions. it further enables the company to review and secure their data with the goal of better customer service. Any action taken can be backed up compared to normal way decisions are been made before, in which it will really be a plus to the company productivity and being an effective company in the long run.


Conclusively, the effectiveness of a manager depends on the basic need to work and also working alongside with other people(employees or client) successfully. To accomplish this, you have to strive to uncover the best in your employee, recognise their effort always, include automation amidst the working environment.

Furthermore, don’t be constrained within the above values detailed earlier, also consider other factors as it is been said THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. Thinking outside the box most times brings creativity to your productivity as a manager or entrepreneur.

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