Core values are the fundamental beliefs of any organization. Moreover, core value can help to determine how to handle difficult customers. Basically it helps in the decision-making process in different situations. So in this article, we will discuss everything about the company core values.

Company core values help people to understand what is wrong and right according to the company. Moreover, it can also help in determining whether they are on the right path or the company had to change the plan to complete the company goal.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of company values, elements of company core values, 18 cores values that every company need, and how to implement company values.

Importance of Company Core Values

Core values are important for every company because having a core value will increase the decision-making process. Due to which it becomes easy for the company to communicate with customers and hiring the employees.

Creating a business is very similar to creating a community. So if you want your community to act as a group then you need a shared vision that helps in the proper working of any community.

If you don’t care about your company values then it will hurt your business or company badly.

Elements of Company Core Values

There are 4 elements that every effective company core values include. Below we have discussed these 4 elements in detail.

Lead with the Vision Statment

A vision statement describes the impact that a company will create on the world. Your vision will tell that what is the highest point where you want to take your company.

Moreover, company values have the principles that support this vision. Before your design or redesign your company value make sure you think about what impact your company can have on people.

Keep Values Unique

When any company started making core values then think they should copy big companies like Netflix and amazon core values to succeed. But in actual, there was very less chance that your smaller company will get success with the same core values.

But this doesn’t mean that copying core values from big companies is a bad thing. The only thing you should make sure is that your company value is unique and according to your company needs. So hire the people that also think about the company in the same way you think about it.

Make Sure the Values are Simple to Understand

There is no benefit of making a value that none of your employees can remember. So you should create short and simple single sentence values that are easier to remember for your employees.

Moreover, if the values are easily understandable and rememberable then it will be easy for your staff to make the decision quickly.

Evolve Your Values with Time

When your company grow then the values you write in past might not be effective. So now you should redesign company values to meet with the present needs of the company.

To do this you can re-examine your company values and company needs. You can also take suggestion from employees to guide you in this process.

18 Core Values that Every Company Require

Here is a list of core values every company require to be a successful company.

  • Simplicity
  • Boldness
  • Honesty
  • Passion
  • Trust
  • Ownership
  • Commitment to Customers
  • Leadership
  • Humility
  • Continuous Learning
  • Accountability
  • Constant Improvement
  • Diversity
  • Fun
  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity

How to Implement Company Values

There are five steps that you need to follow while implementing company core values. Below we discussed all these steps in detail.

1. Discuss with Individual Co-founders

Discuss with your co-founders that what they like about the company and what are things about which they care. Moreover talking one on one is very important. Because in group conversation the conversation might go in favour of dominant speakers.

So to avoid this make sure there is one on one conversation to reflect the personalities of all the co-founders.

2. Look to Other for Inspiration

It is very important for every company to be fast and lean. So to implement core values in your company you can take inspiration from other big companies or you can read the books that give information about this.

But make sure that you do not copy the exact values as this might not work for you when you a small. Only use this as an inspiration and only follow the things that can match with your organization needs.

3. Bring All Research Together

When you do research make sure you prepare notes. So, in the end, you can prepare a list of everything you need while implement company values.

Moreover, it is not a difficult process. But if you follow this step then it will be very easy for you to implement your core values in the company.

4. Survey Your Team

By surveying your team you will get the information that what values your team is following and what the actual values are.

Moreover, depending on the feedback you can alter your plan according to the need of your employees. If you are finding difficulty in implementing company core values then this might be very helpful for you.

5. Embedding the Values

You work will not end just by creating the company values. You need to embed these values in your company to get the result of these core values.

Make sure that your whole team remember the values and implement these values in the workplace. Moreover, you can try various ways to embed values in your company.

If you follow the above 5 steps then it will very easy for you to implement the core values in the company.

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