Once you have mastered time, you will understand how true it is that most people overestimate what they can accomplish in a year – and underestimate what they can achieve in a decade!

– Anthony Robbins

Time waits for no one. This makes time so important because it can never be put on hold for any reason. Whenever ones try to hold time, it always finds it way out because the more time you try to hold, the further it keeps moving.

Just as Anthony as said, Time can be mastered and once it’s been mastered you will come to the reality our most people interchange what could be accomplished in a year to what they can accomplish in a decade. So never wait to time, as it the time moves keep moving with it.

In a business setup, professionals and skilled employees are employed due to their input and productivity at a given period. Why is it a necessity for an employee to have a time management skill? It is because they will keep better track of time and also be able to monitor the progress in projects and add to the company success.

In this article, we will discuss 10 ways in which an employee would be able to manage time effectively which will add to the company success. Let’s get started!!!

1. Check Your Time Always

In an office system, knowing how to spend your time is very important because if you are not conscious of the time, you will spend the entire day without finishing a task. For instance, having spent two hours reading official mails and there are still other tasks to be completed before the end of work hours. As an employee, you have your time in check always, you will finish 90% of your daily tasks.

2. Limit Time on Task

How can you simply limit time on each task given? it simple and fun actually, all you have to do is to set a definite time limit for each task such as two to three hours per tasks depending on how voluminous your task may be. Few companies emulate this process just by dividing employees into groups and whichever group finishes first, gets a reward. As much as possible, finish each task within the allocated time and have fun while doing it.

3. Make Use of Time Management Tools

In recent times, technology has paved way almost in every aspect of human life, not leaving time management behind. Expert highly recommends every employee to use a time management tool to improve productivity in whatever they do. Below are things to keep in mind when using time management tools:

  • Record information on the tool always.
  • Review plans daily using the tool.
  • Make you Time management tool mobile (Download the mobile version of the tool).
  • Create a list of priorities and review them daily.
  • and soon.

4. Create a Todo List

As an employee, having a todo list is important because it saves your time. Each employee must create a todo list before he or she commences the office work. Creating a todo list make us you focused, motivated and also gives a satisfactory feeling after ticking off a completed task. In most cases, you will be surrounded by distraction but your todo list will keep you going on the right track.

5. Create a Future Plan

In time management, planning is a very critical and essential part that every employee should take seriously. Exquisitely, every employee is expected to plan for the next day or the coming week at least a day before, through this you get to stay organized and prepared for what is to come. Mostly, for every successful project of an employee, time spent on planning alone has the most effect on the project.

6. Do Important Task First

Every employer to do the important task first thing in the morning because it has more significance when compared to other tasks. Most energy employees are consumed in the early hour each workday, that’s why it’s so necessary to do the important task first in the morning. When the important task is done first, it lifts the workload of the day off the employees and it also gives you a good reputation amidst your co-workers.

7. Procrastination: Not an Option

Not an option all, in most cases procrastination as lead to the dismissal of employees around the world. procrastination sets in when you are putting off tasks for unreasonable reasons. Avoiding this is so simple, all you have to do is, any task that seems to voluminous(big), break it down into smaller milestones and keep to the time limit set for each milestone. Through this procrastination has no place in your schedule.

8. Delegate: Ease of the workload

Yes, most time as an employee, the workload can be so massive with limited time to deliver to your superior. Easing of the workload by delegation would be the best option in most cases because you can’t do all task within the given period. Delegation of the workload as an employee makes you focus on a bigger or complicated project. It can also be outsourced to freelancers which saves time too.

9. STRESS: Work it Off

After sitting for four hours straight without stretching your muscles, then stress sets in, in which its a very bad habit and reduces productivity rate of an employee. Stress can be worked off just by take a 5-10 minutes break per tasks, through this you are on a good path on having a stress free day. Keeping this stress free routine daily would add more productivity to your work as a promising employee.

10. Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Health comes first, then other follows as far as an office environment is concerned. Good health status keeps your going on fine with your daily task as an employee at work, But when a bad health sets in, it stops you from doing any task, if you manage your health in doing any task the outcome will be disastrous because you are not in the right state of mind. Keep a healthy lifestyle as much as you can.



In conclusion, whatever ways you choose to apply to your daily routine as an employee, examine or evaluate yourself and see which one works best for you. As an employee, effective time management should be as a result of having the right attitude and commitment to your goals.

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