Welcome To OldRobo

OldRobo is empowering teams to do great things together. The best relationships in our lives were built around playing games. We made OldRobo help the manager to employee performance and engagement with fantastic service gamification.

About OldRobo

We found a problem at work. The managers wanted their team to work harder and even were willing to encourage the team, but because of no insufficient motivation, their performances were declined. This problem was occupying my mind for a long time. Companies can't achieve their goals because of the poor performance of employees. I was thinking of a solution almost all day and night. I consulted with my colleague. He also believed that employees were tired of the workplace, and fatigue reduces employee's performance.


The final goal of OldRobo that help all companies around the world manage their team better. One of the ways we can better manage the organization is to work better. We should encourage them and one more to provides the manager with the OldRobo system. Also, the final product we want to have is a product what managers use to improve employee performance and deliver the company goal.

Our Team

We always try to define technology edge projects which can solve new problems. Our talented team can find solutions for every kind of problem. For example, we believe our team manager needs to have the OldRobo service to catch the goal.

Mohammad Rezaei


Ermia Qasemi


Hossein Nedai


Mehrdad Bonyani


Hanie Piroozbakht


Dena Afrasiyabi


Zahra Mohebi


Najme Sadeghi